DKA takes pride in its long list of successful partnerships across a variety of industries serving federal, state and local governments. From proposal writing assistance to GSA Schedule help to contract maintenance support, we are committed to providing consistenly outstanding service to our clients and partners. Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from clients.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you again. You have a stellar staff. Starting with Gregg, who originally “cold-called” us, the whole experience has been full of valuable learning. Gregg was very knowledgeable and extremely effective in a semi-passive, yet persistent way. Once we were handed to Tim M., the approach stayed consistent – he dogged us a little, but only when we needed it. His knowledge seems unassailable, and his willingness to help with everything from the broad approach to niggling details is impressive. All in all, no regrets for having selected DKA to help us through the process.

Jorian Sartorius
Rescue Essentials

I am sitting here today happy because of you. I need to let you know how much I love you guys. I received a package today with my GSA Schedule acceptance letter, and I cried for a very long time. I personally thought it would never happen. You are the most talented and caring group of men I know. You stuck with me through the long months, you fought on my behalf, and most of all you were there for me! You never gave up, and I have learned a lot from you. We are a small minority woman-owned business, and we would not have stood a chance without you. You guys are the best!

Quittis Smith-Luna
N.E. Georgia Temporary Service

They were easy to work with, came highly recommended and had great references. Working with them was easy, they clearly laid out the information needed from me to complete the GSA schedule, and I wasn’t overwhelmed with all of the information requests at one time. As I was the slow one in responding sometimes, they stayed on top of me but were never bothersome or pushy, just professional.

Xpriori, LLC

I have known, worked with, and won federal government contracts with DKA for 12 years. They have exceeded every expectation I have had when it has come to their expertise of the contract/agency, timeliness, and quality of the proposal. I would highly recommend them to anyone who desires to do business with any government agency.

Todd Pattison, President

Greene Respiratory Services has been using DKA as our Federal Government bidding partner since 2001 and we have truly enjoyed an excellent partnership in the process. We feel that without DKA, our efforts to obtain new federal government contracts would have been diminished greatly. The results have been excellent.

Steve Russell, CFO
Greene Respiratory Services

I highly recommend DKA for any contract proposal with the federal government! Their insight and expertise is of the utmost benefit in these complex contract bids. Great group to have on your team!

Ford C Greene, CEO
Greene Respiratory Services

E&S Diversified Services, Inc. has worked with DKA since 1995 and their professionalism has been beyond reproach. We have had nothing but exceptionally fine dealings with them. Deadlines were always met, and the quality of their work has been superb. The few times we had to ask for changes, they were carried out quickly and efficiently. DKA is honest and straightforward in their work and business. DKA has always demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness to their associates and has carried out their obligations with vigor and resolve. DKA’s record with our company has been excellent. I can only say that I am very pleased with their work. DKA will certainly be an asset to you or any group.

Barry J. Evans, V.P. Operations
E&S Diversified Services

DKA was great to work with. Terry DeSutter did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it. He was a very valuable guide throughout the entire process. If I had to do it over, I’d definitely hire this team again!

Kandy Micheal
System Connections

The professionalism, integrity and technical competency of DKA is outstanding. They were able to obtain our certification in 3 months. They continued to help walk our proposal through the entire submittal process. They responded to continual change requests from the federal government and completely exceeded our expectations by helping us even after we were issued our GSA contract number.

DKA did all this work, honored their original estimated price, met all time lines and most importantly delivered exactly what they had promised. I would highly recommend DKA to anyone needing help in obtaining GSA certification. Their pricing is fair, their service outstanding, and they deliver what they promise.

Dave McFarlane
McFarlane Sheet Metal

We have worked with DKA since 2002, and they’ve helped us win 4 federal government contracts from New York to Hawaii. One of these contracts we were able to win on a sole source basis thanks to the efforts of DKA to identify the opportunity, bring it to us, and then walk us through each step of the process.

In most instances, the DKA team prepares the entire proposal requiring very little input from us other than to review and approve the final draft prior to submission. This allows us to pursue and win federal government contracts while still being able to focus our time on running our business. We look forward to continued success for many years to come.

Ping Ting
Ti Hu, Inc.